Hydropower is fast becoming a reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy resource. Franson Civil Engineers has conducted feasibility studies, submitted FERC applications, obtained permits, and worked with government agencies. We do the hard work to help our clients find the solutions that best benefit their communities.

Strawberry Water Users Association Forebay Structure

SWUA has a sediment structure and hydropower plant in the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon that was very old, dilapidated, and starting to fail.

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Upper High Creek Canal Piping & Hydropower

Franson Civil Engineers replaced RIC's open-ditch system with a pressurized pipeline that utilizes the naturally-developed pressure to generate hydroelectric power.

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Leamington Canyon Hydropower

The feasibility study looked at the hydrologic, hydraulic, and cost analysis of a hydropower project diverting water from the Sevier River into an existing canal and reintroducing it back to the river.

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Jordanelle Dam Powerplant

This study was prepared to determine the most economical capacity and configuration of the powerplant and identify the quantity and cost of power to be produced.

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Cherry Grove Hydroelectric

Evaluated the hydropower potential of a waterline crossing the client's property. Preliminary design of the hydropower plant and related facilities was completed, including transmission.

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