Diversions and Canals

Diversion structures help water users use the precious resource in the places they need it most. They also help to utilize return flows or overflows which can then be diverted to canals and used for irrigation purposes. Franson Civil Engineers has designed and rehabilitated numerous diversion structures throughout the Intermountain West. Our work includes planning, funding acquisition, design, and construction observation for diversion structures, ponds, and pump stations. Additionally, we represent numerous irrigation companies. Our experience with canals and their operation is wide-ranging.

Welby Jacob Canal Water Efficiency Project

The Welby Jacob Canal Water Efficiency Project was a collaborative effort to improve water efficiency in Salt Lake County and Utah County. Designed to help conserve water in these counties, this project consisted of the installation of 75 measurement structures with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment along the Welby Jacob Canal system.

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Brown Ditch Improvements

Franson Civil Engineers designed a new diversion for the Little Cottonwood Brown Ditch System in order to rehabilitate the diversion dam and stop significant water loss.

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Weber River Diversion Structure

Franson Civil was asked to design a plan to rehabilitate the Weber River Diversion Structure, which included designing improvements for the fish channel and ladder and coordinating with a total of eleven companies and entities during the project.

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South Field Canal Metering and Piping

The Spanish Fork South Irrigation Company (SFSIC) wanted to improve the South Field canal to make it more efficient and safer for the public. We designed a solution that helped SFSIC better measure and manage the amount of water delivered to their shareholders in order to provide water savings of up to 3,095 acre-feet per year.

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Strawberry High Line Canal Lateral 31 Piping

The conversion of 9,800 feet of concrete-lined open canal to an enclosed pipeline system resulted in an additional 6,028 acre-feet of available water for the Strawberry High Line Canal Company.

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