Strawberry High Line Canal Lateral 31 Piping

The Strawberry High Line Canal Company (SHLCC) delivers water services to 17,500 acres of agricultural land and over 22,000 people in the communities of Payson City, Salem City, the town of Genola, and in other parts of southern Utah County. Lateral 31 specifically serves the town of Genola for agricultural and residential purposes.

Lateral 31 had an aging infrastructure and safety concerns, and it was in an area that was experiencing high growth rates but had a limited water supply. It consisted of 9,800 feet of concrete-lined open canal that delivered water to 11 ponds with pressurized irrigation systems.

Franson Civil Engineers designed and carried out a project that entailed converting all 9,800 feet of that concrete-lined open canal to an enclosed pipeline system through the installation of 42-inch HDPE pipe. We increased the capacity of Lateral 31 from 20 cfs to 35 cfs, which resulted in in an additional 6,028 acre-feet of water to be delivered, diverted, or stored. These results allowed SHLCC to meet higher demands for water delivery during peak season irrigation, therefore servicing a greater number of SHLCC shareholders and mitigating potential water conflicts.

We assisted SHLCC in seeking and obtaining funding for this project, as well as with construction management to ensure the quality of the work.