Ivie Creek Pipeline

Scipio Irrigation Company (SIC) uses water from Ivie Creek, also known as Round Valley Creek, to provide irrigation water for shareholders and community members. Substantial water loss was negatively affecting shareholders and Scipio’s local economy.

Franson Civil Engineers set out to obtain grant and loan funding for a project to reduce seepage, conserve water, and shore up the available water source pertinent to the project’s associated water rights. The goal of this project was to provide enough water to adequately irrigate existing fields and extend the shareholder’s irrigation season while limiting the project costs for the shareholders.

After assisting SIC in obtaining a $1 million WaterSMART grant and low interest loan, we designed and managed construction of a concrete diversion structure to divert water into the new 3.7-mile 36-inch pipeline. The pipeline bypasses over five miles of Ivie Creek and a problematic part of the Benediction Ditch. Turnouts were installed along the pipeline to divert water into troughs for stock watering along the pipeline when it is conveying water during the irrigation season. These turnouts also act as drains during the winter to drain the pipeline.  The pipeline was designed and constructed to facilitate a second phase that would include hydropower generation and further conserve precious water.

The water conserved by the project increased the water supply by approximately 21%.