Leamington Canyon Hydropower

Franson Civil Engineers was retained by Leota Enterprises to perform preliminary feasibility and sizing studies for a hydropower project in Leamington Canyon, Utah. The feasibility study looked at the hydrologic, hydraulic, and cost analysis of a hydropower project diverting water from the Sevier River into an existing canal and reintroducing it back to the river downstream while producing hydroelectric power.

Work included:

  • Determining preliminary economic sizing of the hydropower plant to determine cost-effectiveness
  • Investigating sizes ranging from 1.3 to 3.9 mw of capacity
  • Investigating power marketing with various entities in Utah
  • Exploring the option of blending natural gas power generation with hydropower to firm up the capacity of the project
  • Preparing, submitting, and obtaining a preliminary FERC permit for the project site
  • Conducting further discussions to market the power
  • Completing and obtaining permits through the Division of Air Quality for the natural gas turbine
  • Conducting discussions with Central Utah Canal Company for canal enlargement and use of the canal to convey the water
  • Designing the diversion structure to deliver water to the powerplant, penstocks, and all electrical facilities