Strawberry Water Users Association Forebay Structure

The Strawberry Water Users Association (SWUA) has been around since the early 1900s, when a reservoir was created to provide reliable irrigation water to farmers in the southern half of Utah County. Today, they provide water to many irrigators such as Highline Canal Company, East Bench Canal Company, and Spanish Fork Irrigation Company.
SWUA has a sediment structure and hydropower plant in the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon that was very old, dilapidated, and starting to fail. Franson Civil recommended a complete redesign and rebuild of the structure. We moved forward with preliminary design, concept design, final design services, and agency coordination with the Bureau of Reclamation. We then assisted SWUA with construction management. We led the bid and award process, contract management, and construction observation.
The new sediment structure is more efficient, and easier to control and operate by the SWUA. It increases water quality, which is better for the hydropower plant. This new structure will be long-lasting and overall very beneficial for the SWUA.