Atkins Spring Rehabilitation

Atkins Spring, owned and operated by Cove Waterworks, is under the direct influence of surface water as determined by the Utah Division of Drinking Water. As such, the spring must either be permanently disconnected from the system, comply with surface water treatment requirements and standards, or completely remove the surface water influence. Franson Civil Engineers assisted Cove Waterworks in rehabilitating the entire spring collection area to eliminate the surface water influence. Our design utilized source water protection measures such as fencing and the installation of a geomembrane protective layer.

Our scope of work included:

  • Designing a new spring collection system
  • Designing the replacement of the existing 2-inch galvanized transmission pipe with 4-inch PVC pipe
  • Completing the Source Protection Plan for the South Cove Well
  • Submitting After the Fact Plan Approval to the Utah Division of Drinking Water to secure an operating permit for the South Cove Well
  • Preparing and delivering easements and land use agreements
  • Providing construction assistance, including limited construction observation, and reviewing and responding to contractor submittals
  • Providing our client with record drawings and an operations and maintenance manual following construction
  • Assisting our client in securing an operating permit for Atkins Spring from Utah Division of Drinking Water after the spring was rehabilitated
  • Securing funding for the project from the Board of Water Resources