Franson Civil Engineers exists to promote the wise use of water by providing quality civil engineering services to those who have stewardship to develop, manage, and conserve this precious resource.

We value our clients’ needs, objectives, and desires and recognize our role as consultants. We commit to serving our clients’ best interests.

We exist to provide meaningful and rewarding careers, so that the employees and their families can have a good, balanced quality of life.


As a civil engineering firm, our focus is the specialty of water resources. Our Why will be realized, and What we do is accomplished, as we maintain focus on our core values, and by How we perform.

  • Service: The quality of our service is measured by how well we meet the needs of our clients, by the value that our service adds to their projects, and the amount of repeat work we perform for satisfied clients.
  • Creativity: Innovative techniques and practices enable us to deliver projects in a cost effective and efficient results.
  • Employees: We strive to motivate employees, in terms of responsibilities and benefits, and to foster an atmosphere which encourages industry, integrity, excellence, and loyalty.
  • Collaboration: One of our strengths is our ability to work collaboratively with those involved, including clients, permitting agencies, funding partners, and other parties.


We have developed focused water resources capabilities paralleled by only the largest firms. We have extensive experience in water resource management and development.

The staff skills cover the complete project life cycle, including planning, funding acquisition, environmental compliance, design, bid and award, construction observation, contract management, and operation and maintenance. These skills are applied to the varied types of water resources projects, such as utilities, structures, stormwater, dams, irrigation, etc.