Planning and Studies

Franson Civil Engineers has successfully completed several master plans and worked with multiple water conservancy districts, irrigation companies, and municipalities. Our experience with both municipal and agricultural issues and challenges, combined with our knowledge of water resources, means we can prepare a plan to protect water sources, safeguard agriculture, meet increasing municipal demands, and provide for environmental needs.

Helper Capital Facilities Master Plan

The plan is being implemented to bring culinary water, sewer, and storm drain systems up to current Federal and State standards.

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Summit Creek Water Management

The project involves improving the infrastructure and installing measures to improve the delivery and use of water.

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High Line Canal Enclosure

The main purpose of this project is to distribute water and make many improvements to the canal.

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South Jordan Storm Drain Master Plan

Franson Civil Engineers was retained to prepare a Drainage Plan to assist the City with new development.

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SDD Dry Creek Stormwater Master Plan

The plan includes a Capital Facilities Plan outlining incremental improvements year by year to make Dry Creek a reliable storm drainage route.

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