Planning and Studies

Franson Civil Engineers has successfully completed several master plans and worked with multiple water conservancy districts, irrigation companies, and municipalities. Our experience with both municipal and agricultural issues and challenges, combined with our knowledge of water resources, means we can prepare a plan to protect water sources, safeguard agriculture, meet increasing municipal demands, and provide for environmental needs.

American Fork Secondary System Feasibility and Master Plan

Preparation of the feasibility report and master plan included research, calculations, cost estimates, cost analysis, system modeling and planning on compliance.

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Uintalands Culinary Water Master Plan

Franson Civil Engineers prepared a Culinary Water Master Plan focusing on additional water and storage.

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Sanpete County Master Plan

Franson Civil Engineers conducted public hearings to obtain public input regarding water-related problems and needs and to identify potential water conservation and development projects.

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Ouray Park WID Culinary Master Plan

Franson Civil Engineers prepared a Master Plan, including preparation of a facility inventory the system, review of water right shares, and identification of an alternative water supply.

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Highland Culinary Master Plan

The Water Company was experiencing tremendous growth due to development within the service area. Franson Civil Engineers developed the Master Plan to improve this service.

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