South Jordan Culinary Water

Franson Civil Engineers provided planning and design services for several water facilities designed to strengthen the city’s ability to provide adequate and reliable drinking water to the community. Specific system improvement projects included:

  • 10400 South Waterline: Designing 2,600 feet of 20- and 30-inch DIP, including tie-in to existing water system at several locations, two JVWCD crossings, removal of existing waterline and replacement with 40 feet of 18-inch DIP in utility crowded intersection.
  • Zone 1 Transmission Line: Designing 5,400 feet of 24-inch DIP, including two canal crossings, crossing the JVWCD Aqueduct, relocation of irrigation pipes and ditches, tie-in to existing system and surface restorations. A portion of the pipe required being placed a depth of greater than 20 feet.
  • 24-Inch Pipeline through City Park: Designing 6,500 feet of 24 inch pipe and 4,000 feet of 8-inch pipe, including open cut for pipe placement on the Utah Salt Lake Canal, fire hydrants, sampling stations, washouts, replacement of residential water service lines and meter settings, and surface restorations.
  • Culinary Water Tank #3: Planning and design for a 2.1 MG water storage tank. Work included surveying, site plans, a reinforced concrete combination valve vault and meter vault, delivery point from JVWCD, overflow, drain line, specifications, and bidding and contract documents.
  • Waterline from Tank #3: Designing 5,700 feet of 24- and 30-inch pipe, including boring under canal and surface restorations.
  • Pipeline on 3200 West: Project included approximately 2,700 feet of 12-inch PVC pipe on 3200 West from 9800 South to 10200 South. Work involved designing the pipeline, installing a combination air/vac valve, and transferring a fire hydrant.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) #15 and #17: Designing PRV vaults and interior plumbing, tie-ins to existing waterlines, and surface restorations.
  • South Jordan Water Tank #1: Providing structural and civil engineering design for a 4 MG conventional reinforced concrete tank. Design included 24-inch diameter site piping and a buried valve vault.
  • JVWCD New Southwest Aqueduct Turnout and Delivery Vault: Civil and structural design for a new 24-inch turnout on the 78-inch Steel Aqueduct operated and maintained by the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD).