Ephraim Well

Ephraim City was looking to improve its water system resiliency and to increase the overall quantity and quality of water in the city. Before this project, all of Ephraim’s water supply was coming from spring water from the mountains east of the city, but these springs were limited in capacity and highly susceptible to drought conditions. Ephraim had a single backup well to use in emergencies, but the well could not be counted on to supply water to the entire city due to fluctuating arsenic levels, lack of capacity, and no mechanism to get the well water to the higher-pressure zones within the city.

To accomplish this goal of improving water system resiliency and increasing overall quantity and quality of water for the city, Franson Civil assisted Ephraim City in creating and carrying out a project to install a new well and connect the new well to the existing culinary water system. The project also included improvements to the existing drinking water system to improve water quality, fire flow capacity, and a pump station to allow water from the wells to be delivered to upper pressure zones. We also assisted Ephraim in seeking and obtaining grant and low interest loan funding for this project.

Steps in our project included:

  • Installing a new well in an area that has better quality water
  • Constructing connection pipelines from the new well to the existing culinary water system
  • Evaluate the feasibility of rehabilitating the existing well to improve production
  • Installing a system to facilitate blending of water between the new and existing well in the future if needed to meet water quality requirements.
  • Improving the pipelines to accept greater water production from the existing well and blended water production when both wells are in production
  • Installing a bypass system to allow well water to be bumped up to a higher-pressure zone that used to be served solely by the mountain springs
  • Setting up systems to monitor aquifer water levels