Antimony Springs Rehabilitation

Franson Civil Engineers assisted Antimony Town in overcoming the difficulties that they faced in regards to their culinary water system. We worked with the town to determine current and future culinary water system needs by addressing each of the deficiencies identified within the system. Throughout this process, the town was able to upgrade most of the components of its culinary water infrastructure as well as realize a significant reduction in water usage.


Pole Canyon Spring Redevelopment

One way to increase the amount of water available to a water system is to increase the source capacity. During the installation of the 6-inch transmission pipeline from Pole Canyon Spring, the spring was redeveloped using current technology. The work done on the spring was able to produce an additional 10% of source capacity, or an additional 15 gpm, for the Town of Antimony.


Little Forest Springs Redevelopment

As part of the East Bench system upgrades, the Little Forest Springs were also rehabilitated. These springs had lost some of their capacity over the years due to vegetation that had pushed roots down into the collection system. Both sides of the spring were redeveloped using current technology. Little Forest Springs saw increased production of 25% or approximately 9 gpm.