Dams are an integral part of many water projects. More than just excavation and earthwork, they include spillways, outlet works, internal drain systems, monitoring, and more. Each project is a unique combination of these individual components. Franson Civil Engineers has in-depth experience with storage, diversion, and detention dams and their associated regulations. We have worked closely with the Utah State Dam Safety office since 1991, cultivating an effective and efficient working relationship.

Birch Creek Dam Rehabilitation

We assisted Woodruff Irrigating Company (WIC) in rehabilitating their Birch Creek Dam. We worked with WIC on all aspects of project including design, bid process, funding, contractor selection, and in-kind contributions.

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American Fork Lower Reservoir

Franson Civil Engineers designed and supervised the installation of over 56 miles of pipeline and designed and oversaw construction of the 27 acre-foot lower reservoir.

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Wide Hollow Dam Rehabilitation and Enlargement

Franson Civil Engineers provided planning, feasibility studies, agency coordination, environment compliance, community coordination and outreach, design, and removing the dam and constructing a new dam.

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Piute Dam Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation improvements facilitate inspection of the outlet works, provide increased earthquake resistance, and significantly increase the capacity of the outlet.

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Dairy Dam

The designs and construction engineering services helped provide water storage and pressure for an irrigation system while improving water management between two of the owner's canals.

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