Fairview Canyon Tunnel Rehabilitation

The Fairview Canyon Tunnel, which conveys Cottonwood Gooseberry Irrigation Company (CGIC) water rights from Fairview Lake to Cottonwood Creek, was in need of maintenance. The tunnel outlet structure had failed. Temporary measures constructed to continue water delivery were deteriorating.

Franson Civil Engineers provided professional engineering services to:

  • Secure funding for the project
  • Define the condition of the tunnel
  • Prepare preliminary engineering designs for the rehabilitation of the tunnel
  • Obtain necessary permits
  • Prepare the final design
  • Prepare bid documents
  • Bid the project
  • Evaluate bids
  • Manage the actual rehabilitation of the tunnel

Construction was divided into two phases. The Phase I of work included:

  • Replacing the tunnel outlet structure with box culverts
  • Rehabilitating the lower section of the tunnel
  • Video inspection of the CMP in the upper section
  • Preparing design for Phase II using gathered data

Phase II included:

  • Rehabilitating the inlet structure of the tunnel
  • Rehabilitating the upper section of the tunnel
  • Restoring the site

Award: ACEC-Utah Engineering Excellence Honor Award, 2013