Canal Company Support

Franson Civil Engineers represents numerous irrigation companies with various components of operations. Our experience in relation to canals and their operation is wide-ranging and in-depth. A large portion of canal company work is the management of encroachments on irrigation facilities. In the State of Utah, there is much urban growth and development. This development is regularly encroaching on the irrigation canals in the area. As these encroachments occur, it becomes necessary to ensure that the integrity of the canal—both structurally and in terms of right-of-way—remain valid and intact.

We possess a tremendous amount of experience in the technical aspects of canal work. Additional engineering assistance includes:

  • Responding to a variety of emergency situations ranging from possible canal failure to unapproved construction crossings
  • Addressing unique right-of-way and easement issues as some clients own their land in fee title, while others have prescriptive easements
  • Preparing feasibility studies for canal lining and canal lining design including PAM and other alternative lining techniques
  • Creating and maintaining a Geographic Information System (GIS) database of canal facilities
  • Reviewing storm drainage plans that involve discharge to canals
  • Performing right-of-way surveys and coordination
  • Piping of the canal depending on encroachment type and surrounding safety concerns