North Summit Pressurized Irrigation Project

An irrigation system was designed and constructed to service shareholders within multiple irrigation companies by replacing separate open ditch systems with a single pressurized irrigation system. These companies delivered water through open ditches to over 1,700 acres of land between Rockport and Echo Reservoirs in Summit County, Utah. The system consists of over 20 miles of pipelines, laterals, and turnouts to irrigation users and homeowners.

FCE coordinated the efforts of the irrigation companies to form the North Summit Pressurized Irrigation Company to construct and operate the pressurized system. FCE has facilitated discussions and agreements/permits with over 15 entities to get the project built. Funding included a $1 million grant from the Bureau of Reclamation, an $850,000 grant from the Utah Division of Water Quality, and a low interest loan (1%) from the Utah Division of Water Resources. Facilities were designed to allow future energy recovery.