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As a civil engineering firm, focused on the specialty of water resources, Franson Civil Engineers (FCE) exists to use our collective abilities to help others live a better life by bringing water to people for their beneficial use. Stated simply, we exist to contribute to the improvement of society. As a firm, we recognize our role as consultants and value our clients’ needs, objectives, and desires. Without our clients FCE would not exist. We are committed to serving our clients’ best interests.

We exist to provide a meaningful career for individuals such that they can live a good, balanced life. We desire to provide a good income for the individuals, and the families of those individuals, who are part of our team. We strive to motivate and foster the work ethic of professionals in an atmosphere which encourages excellence, integrity, industry, dedication, and loyalty.




Our Why will be realized, and What we do is accomplished, as we maintain focus on our core values, or How we perform.

Collaboration: One of our strengths is our ability to work collaboratively with all those involved in a project. This includes not only the client but permitting agencies, funding partners, and other affected parties.

The Best Service: We diligently seek to give the best service to each of our clients. The quality of our service is measured by how well we meet the needs of our clients, by the value that our service adds to their projects, and the amount of repeat work we receive from satisfied clients.

Creativity: Innovative techniques and practices enable us to deliver projects in a cost effective and efficient manner while striving to maintain a balance between the competing needs for water and related resources within the natural and built environment.





FCE is a team of professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of engineering expertise in the industry while providing the best service to our clients. Our focus is to ensure the wise use of water by providing quality engineering services to those who have stewardship to develop, manage, and conserve this precious resource. We have developed specialized capabilities rivaled by only the largest firms, while our size affords us the opportunity to provide a quality of service rarely found in this industry.

Our engineers and senior staff have spent their entire careers working with water resource development including water-related structures, storm water control, and utility design, and have extensive experience in planning, design, preparing environmental documents, working with funding, construction management, and operation and management of water-related projects. This combination of experience adds capability to provide creative and effective solutions to our clients.


We Know Water

We provide top-tier engineering
services to those who develop,
manage, and conserve this
precious resource.

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