Design of Water Facilities

Boy-Drinking-from-PumpAs development along the Wasatch Front has accelerated in recent years, the need for water resource infrastructure has reached a critical point for many Utah municipalities. FCE has applied its creative engineering solutions to assisting many cities in meeting their water resource infrastructure needs.

FCE has expertise in water system improvement projects; from initial planning stages to engineering design and construction management. Experience includes:

     ♦  Culinary pipeline systems
     ♦  Water storage tanks
     ♦  Secondary irrigation systems
     ♦  Sanitary and storm sewers
     ♦  Irrigation facilities
     ♦  Dams and related structures
     ♦  Water treatment plants
     ♦  Pump stations

FCE specializes in Water Resources. With this specialty, we have worked for clients all over the state with water systems large and small. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver high quality and cost effective services for all your water needs.

Pipeline Networks

Hundreds of thousands of feet of pipeline are in the ground and operating because of our excellent pipeline design team. We have experience in pipelines ranging from 4-inch to 60-inch in size. The completed projects also range from the middle of a city block to an agricultural field in rural Utah. The wide array of construction has provided varied and unique experience in construction observation. Many of our engineers have spent countless hours in the field observing and noting the progress of pipeline construction. This experience gives our engineers a distinctive advantage of watching initial design become in-the-ground reality.

Distinctive Water Tank Design

FCE's experience with water storage tanks is exceptional. By working with contractors during the construction process, we have developed distinctive design principles for water storage tanks. The application of the distinctive design leads to lower construction costs. Specifically, bids received from contractors on tanks designed by FCE have come in between 5% to 10% lower than similarly sized tanks designed by other firms. This would represent a savings of $150,000 to $300,000 for a 3 million gallon tank. This design is no more expensive than a typical tank design and the construction costs are less, representing a significant savings for the client. It is this type of creative engineering solution that the firm provides to all our clients.

Dam Safety and Related Structures

FCE is exceptionally well qualified on dam rehabilitation projects. For example, the award-winning Piute Dam Rehabilitation and Otter Creek Dam Rehabilitation projects include design of a stability berm, internal drainage systems, fuse plug spillways, guard gates, gate structures, and SCADA systems.

Pump Stations

There are multiple variables that come into play with pumping plants or stations. FCE has extensive experience at successfully combining all the engineering components necessary for engineering design and construction services at pumping stations. These components include hydraulics, soil conditions, intake variables, discharge variables, and cost evaluation, which involve an evaluation of capital costs versus operational costs. The least expensive capital cost is not always the lowest life cycle cost of a pumping plant.

Conveyance and Flow Control Structures

FCE has experience with design, installation, and automation of a wide variety of mechanical gate structures and hydraulic flow control structures. These types of structures are very site dependent based on the requirements of the project and the existing location conditions. Some aspects of conveyance structure design and evaluation are: coordination with regulatory agencies, investigation of site conditions (subsurface as needed), material selection, maintenance requirements, economic evaluation, and capacity.

Pressurized Irrigation System Facilities

FCE has performed numerous feasibility studies as well as planning, design, and construction review for pressurized irrigation and secondary systems. The structures related to these systems have included: regulating ponds, pumping stations, reservoirs, valves, water meters, diversion structures, outlet works, and multiple sizes of pipe for the distribution network.