Rocky Ridge Source Development

For multiple years, FCE has been assisting Rocky Ridge with improvements to their water system. One item included a new culinary water well.

A hydrogeologic investigation was performed to identify the optimum place to drill a well to meet production requirements for Rocky Ridge. The investigation was concerned with the geology and hydrogeology of each proposed well site.

A Preliminary Evaluation Report was prepared for the new water source, which contained a delineation report and a potential contamination source inventory. The delineation report used geologic and hydrogeologic data to calculate and construct source protection zones.

FCE prepared plans and specifications for the 24-inch well in compliance with Utah's Administrative Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems. FCE coordinated with the Division of Drinking Water, which approved the documents.

FCE prepared and submitted the funding application to the Division of Drinking Water and performed coordination for funding acquisition. Rocky Ridge chose not to pursue this project.