Upper High Creek Canal Enclosure & Hydropower

FCE replaced Richmond Irrigation Company’s (RIC) open-ditch system with a pressurized pipeline that utilizes the naturally-developed pressure to generate hydroelectric power. The pipeline ranges from 12-inch to 36-inch diameter pipe.

Throughout the process of implementing the hydropower phase, FCE built relationships with PacifiCorp, Rocky Mountain Power (RMP), Utah Association of Municipal Power Suppliers (UAMPS), and other entities to design, construct, test, and operate the system. FCE coordinated interconnection to RMP’s grid, developing a Power Purchase Agreement to sell power to Hyrum City via UAMPS, and finalizing the amendment to UAMPS’ Transmission Service Agreement with PacifiCorp. This process has been difficult and requires a detailed understanding of the objectives, needs, and requirements of all interested parties. FCE has worked through many issues affecting budget and schedule to make this project a success.

FCE understands the value of utilizing existing pressure and flow to generate power. Through our experience working with regulating agencies, we understand the process and requirements to implement hydropower and evaluate the best option for pulling in revenue.