Wide Hollow Dam Rehabilitation and Enlargement

Click here to see a progression video showing the rehabilitation of the dam.

Wide Hollow Dam is located near Escalante, Utah. There were many deficiencies with the dam, such as poor foundation and undersized spillway. It had also been rated by the Utah State Engineer as a high hazard dam.

FCE provided assistance to the client since 1990 when the project began. Support and direction was given to secure funding of nearly $8 million (grant and loan) from the State and $5.5 million (grant) from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

FCE provided planning, feasibility studies, State and Federal agency coordination, environmental compliance (primarily NEPA), community coordination and outreach, design, and construction observation to completely remove the dam and foundation and construct a new dam that would meet State standards.

Award: 2012 ACEC-Utah Engineering Excellence Grand Award

Project Specifics

FCE was hired by the Wide Hollow Water Conservancy District and New Escalante Irrigation Company to address dam safety deficiencies and to restore the reservoir's storage capacity. The project required an Environmental Assessment with the USACE Sacramento District, Planning Division as the lead federal agency. FCE prepared the design, which included embankment, foundation, outlet works, spillway, and wetland mitigation sites.

The project required reconstruction of the existing earthen dam, relocation of a County road, relocation of Escalante Petrified Forest State Park recreational facilities, canal relocation, consultation with USFWS and formal surveys for T&E and migratory bird species, mitigation for prehistoric cultural sites, detailed mitigation and monitoring plan associated with impacts to wetlands and riparian areas, rehabilitation of land disturbed by project construction, extensive public involvement and coordination with local residences and businesses and federal, state, and local resource and regulatory agencies.