West Side Combined Canals Environmental

The West Side Combined Canals Salinity Project (WSCCSP) consisted of replacing 46 miles of seven irrigation canals with one pressurized irrigation delivery system to serve 14,000 acres. It involved overcoming technical challenges resulting from combining systems that had historically differed in water usage habits. In the end, the project proved to be innovative, valuable, beneficial, complex, and successful.

As a direct part of the planning for the project, FCE helped develop concepts that improve the existing environment. Instream flows in the Uinta River are enhanced, waterfowl habitat is preserved and improved, wetlands are preserved or improved, water for wildlife is provided, existing habitat is preserved by use of storm water and the abandoned canals.

NEPA compliance was accomplished through Reclamation as part of the commitment list during the NEPA process. During the final planning and design, Section 404 stream alteration permits were obtained. Cultural resources surveys were completed.