Water Rights

FCE is able to assist our clients in water right applications, transfers, proofs, mapping, adjudications, mitigation plans, and general asset management.

FCE is very experienced with water resource and water right analysis with regard to riparian rights and appropriative water rights pursuant to regulations. We work closely with clients to advise and determine their needs related to water rights. We have prepared, submitted, and coordinated in the processing of numerous water right applications and petitions.

Our extensive experience with water rights coordination includes coordinating segregation and change applications, as well as filling proof of beneficial use.

A small sample of projects that contained water right work includes:snake creek water rights cover

     ♦  Snake Creek Mutual Water Company Water Rights
     ♦  Cedar Ridge Water Rights Consultation
     ♦  Vulcraft Water Right Proof
     ♦  High Line GIS and Water Rights
     ♦  Wide Hollow Dam Rehabilitation
     ♦  West Side Combined Canals Salinity Project
     ♦  Circleville Town Spring Water Sources
     ♦  Nielson Ponds Water Storage Rights
     ♦  Mona City Water Rights Assistance