Source Development

Helper City Fish Creek SpringsFCE is able to assist our clients with studies in the process of source citing, feasibility, permitting, design, source development, testing, and evaluation. Cities use groundwater (wells) and springs for their water supplies and thus have to share this valuable resource. FCE is experienced in assisting with the planning, design, and use of all water source needs.

Springs can be a safe and reliable supply of water. Careful consideration must be given in regards to historical flows, source protection zones, and the collection method. Proper operation and maintenance of a spring will also have a significant impact on the consistent production and quality of a spring. Since most springs do not require pumping, it can be a financial benefit to maximize spring supply. FCE has helped numerous communities and irrigation companies re-develop their springs in order to increase and secure this valuable asset.

We have been very successful in improving flow conditions and therefore improving spring production through rehabilitation of culinary and irrigation springs. It is vital that someone with spring development experience be on-site when this spring collection area is opened up and a best course of action is determined. FCE has that experience and is also comfortable working with experienced spring development contractors, who are a valuable resource when rehabilitating springs.

We have also been very successful with conjunctive use management, which is the coordinated and combined use of surface water and groundwater. Currently, FCE is working on a project that incorporates using the recharge and recovery of groundwater as a way to manage the flows from Summit Creek, which leads to improved control of flood flows and the conservation of water.

Summit-Creek-Groundwater-Bucket-ChartRecent projects include:

     ♦  Summit Creek Water Management Project
     ♦  Fish Creek and Spring Canyon Springs for Helper City
     ♦  Rocky Ridge Well Source Development
     ♦  Mona Town Drinking Water Well
     ♦  Mayfield Town Park Well
     ♦  Volta High-Capacity Well
     ♦  Weber Basin/Riverdal Well Renovation
     ♦  Antimony Town Water System (Springs)
     ♦  Circleville - Wades Canyon Spring
     ♦  Rocky Ridge MAS Trust Spring Development