Operation & Maintenance

OM-Manual-for-Mountain-Valley-bordFCE always keeps the end goal in mind during the design. The end goal, of course, is to have a fully functioning project that provides benefits to the client. With this end goal in mind, the client needs to have the tools and knowledge for operating and maintaining the project works. FCE provides these materials to the client during our "construction closeout" stage of the project.

Many times the contractor and engineer finish the field work and feel their jobs are done. However, the transition between construction and operation may be the most important phase of all. If the people operating the project do not have the information necessary to successfully operate and maintain the project, the intended benefits to the owner will be minimized. The operators will usually figure out a way to operate the project, but it could be at great expense or with great damage to the facilities.

Once the project is installed and tested, the actual operation of the project is going to require both an understanding of the new project facilities as well as the facilities already in existence. The purpose of the FCE construction closeout phase is to provide the owner with all the materials and training to increase the successful operation of the project. This step requires the same attention to detail and effort as all other aspects of the project.