Construction Management

Construction Review American Fork Inlet Box1FCE provides the necessary oversight to ensure that your project is constructed according to the plans and specifications.

Some key elements of our construction services include:

     ♦  Dynamic relationship between Engineer/Owner/Contractor
     ♦  Facilitate constructability
     ♦  Prepare cost estimates
     ♦  Agency coordination
     ♦  Public involvement
     ♦  Quick response
     ♦  Submittal review
     ♦  Review construction safety
     ♦  Conduct progress meetings
     ♦  Construction documentation

This service includes all of the "contract administration" work from the initial contract documents, schedules, submittals and approvals, change orders, invoices, and payment. Our experience has demonstrated that providing efficient and timely process of this work improves the working relationship with the contractor and ultimately the work. If a contractor is getting paid on time, he will return the effort in his work at the site.

FCE project representatives are trained to understand the contract plans and specifications and will be able to communicate with all interested parties such as the FCE engineer, general contractor, material suppliers, property owners, and owner. Weekly progress meetings are routinely held to ensure all project participants are on the same page.

Our services include closely monitoring and evaluating the contractor's progress and quality on a daily/hourly basis (or as requested by the client). As our team makes observations, they report their observations in writing and photographically. They then recommend progress payments and compare actual work against scheduled work. We recognize documentation as vital to the construction records and documents quality, progress, manpower, equipment, and materials for reference in an event the contractor makes claims for additional costs. Our personnel are computer literate and experienced in the use of the latest construction management technologies, recognizing the importance of timeliness in communication on non-conformance issues, changes, and project clarifications.

Our project representatives understand that there is much at stake with respect to goodwill within the community. Construction personnel are often the first contact that the public has with a particular construction project, and our personnel are keenly aware that the public is to be treated with courtesy and respect. We strive to address citizen concerns as promptly as possible at the job site. Our experience with utilities, neighborhoods, and municipal services makes this activity second nature in our everyday work.

FCE is extremely knowledgeable regarding construction techniques, utility construction, and safety requirements. Our performance record in addressing construction conflicts is excellent. For most projects, our staff averages less than a two-day turnaround addressing contractor RFIs. Our attention to quick response aids in resolution of conflicts that potentially introduce time and money into a project. Our philosophy is "remove the obstacles." This is one area where we strive to excel by providing quick solutions to keep construction progress moving.

Finally, construction safety involves not only safety of the workers but also the safety of the general public or operations personnel. While we understand construction contracts typically place all safety responsibilities on the contractor, we also understand the need for monitoring the contractor's safety provisions and performance. Each of our project representatives look for safety concerns in their everyday activities on the job sites. When a safety concern is noted, it is promptly brought to the attention of the contractor's superintendent and followed up to ensure that the situation is resolved. If our field staff becomes aware of a situation that is immediately dangerous to life and health, they take appropriate steps see that the unsafe conditions are addressed by the personnel involved.

A sample of projects that have had construction management services are list below with the total project cost in parentheses.

     ♦  American Fork Secondary System ($47,000,000)
     ♦  Antimony Town Water System ($1,000,000)
     ♦  Axtell Pressurized Irrigation System ($1,300,000)
     ♦  Fairview Tunnel Rehabilitation ($2,500,000)
     ♦  Helper City Utility Improvements ($20,500,000)
     ♦  Highland Water Company Facilities ($1,500,000)
     ♦  Kearns Sanitary Sewer Lines ($1,000,000)
     ♦  Lewiston Pump Project ($2,400,000)
     ♦  Middle Ditch Irrigation System ($2,800,000)
     ♦  Moroni Irrigation Company Canal Piping ($4,500,000)
     ♦  Otter Creek Dam Rehabilitation ($2,400,000)
     ♦  Piute Dam Rehabilitation ($8,400,000)
     ♦  Rocky Ridge Water System ($1,000,000)
     ♦  South Weber Secondary System ($1,100,000)
     ♦  West Lewiston Pressurized Irrigation ($3,000,000)
     ♦  West Side Combined Canals ($14,000,000)
     ♦  Wide Hollow Dam Rehabilitation ($14,000,000)