Bidding Assistance

We at FCE believe good contract documents and specifications are the key to the successful construction of a project. The better the contract documents are prepared, the better the relationship between the owner, contractor, and engineer become. The benefits of this relationship results in a ultimately lower cost and also improves the quality of the finished project.

American Fork Specifications Title PageOur experience on numerous projects demonstrates our capability and proficiency in preparing plans, specifications, contract documents, and request for bid documents.

The importance of this work is manifest in several ways. The most obvious is that it defines for a contractor what is to be constructed in such a way as to assure that the facility meets the purposes and needs (criteria) of the owner. This includes what standards are required and when they are required. Another consideration is the fair and equitable method of acquiring the services of the contractor. The contract for the performance is also covered and provides resolution of disputes, if any. All of these factors are consistent with the concept of the owner receiving a completed project as envisioned at a fair and equitable price.

FCE is experienced in estimating the construction and operations costs for a wide range of engineering projects. We regularly prepare plans, specifications, cost estimates and bid packages for submittal at 30%, 60%, 90% and 100% design stages.

American-Fork-Drawings-Title-PageFor construction projects, FCE currently uses SPECTEXT as a standard for the technical portion of specification packages.
SPECTEXT is widely used as it provides a uniform and universally accepted framework that is accepted by the Construction Specification Institute (CSI). SPECTEXT is a comprehensive specification writing system designed for architects, engineers, specification writers, project managers, designers, owners, government agencies, and other design professionals.

FCE has received numerous comments from contractors who appreciate the clarity and completeness of our contract documents packages. They continually state that they have significantly less uncertainty with an FCE package which results in a better product at a lower cost, because they don't have to guess during the bidding process. In other words, they know what they are being requested to construct.