Red Bridge Water Reuse

FCE performed planning, funding acquisition, design and construction review for a new diversion structure, pond, and pump station to utilize return flows from Spring Creek in Payson. Funding of $260,000 was obtained through the USBR Water 2025 Program. Coordination was made to work within the railroad's easement and with the State of Utah for a stream alteration permit. Work included design of nearly 4,500 feet of 24-inch HDPE pipeline, and a pump station.

This project was designed to put to beneficial use water in Spring Creek. The Strawberry High Line Canal Company has in-stream water rights along with return flow rights within the creek. The project allowed the SHLCC to put their water rights to beneficial use. Funding for the project was obtained through Reclamation's Water 2025 funding program. The program provided $260,000 towards funding the project with SHLCC providing the remaining expenses.

FCE's involvement in the project included assistance with the funding application and acquisition of project funds. Also, coordination with the railroad to work within the railroad's easement. Coordination with the State of Utah was performed so that a stream alteration permit could be obtained related to work on the diversion structure.

Once funding was obtained, FCE completed the design of a new diversion structure with the capacity to pass more than 100 cfs, an eleven acre-foot regulating pond, nearly 4,500 feet of 24-inch HDPE pipeline, and a small pump station with the capacity to pump up to 10 cfs of water. In addition, FCE worked with a local landowner, along with SHLCC, to purchase property for the regulating pond.