Safety of Dams

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Franson Civil Engineers has worked on several of the largest dam safety projects in Utah. We specialize in water resources, of which dams and water storage are a significant component. A dam is more than just earthwork; it includes the spillway, outlet works, internal drain system, monitoring, and other components unique to each project. Because of our involvement on past projects and coordination with the Dam Safety Program in Utah, we have gained a clear understanding of the process that is followed to address dam safety issues. 

One of the major difficulties for dam safety projects is funding. Rehabilitation costs can be especially frustrating to dam owners because their dam has been in operation for decades without incidence. If additional funding sources can be identified, the project can be much more acceptable to the owner. Most of Franson Civil's dam safety projects have received 95 percent funding from the Utah Board of Water Resources, which is the funding agency for the Dam Safety Program. We have good relationships with Water Resources and will make all efforts to obtain maximum funding. Even with that, we have been able to identify and incorporate other funding sources for rehabilitation projects and new dams.

Our use of innovative methods and approaches provides one of the largest benefits to our clients. The main purpose of these methods is to minimize costs, while also addressing dam safety issues and meeting the client's needs. By looking at project site specifics, such as available materials, less common construction methods, new technology, and other aspects, we approach each project with a unique view and strive to provide the best product to our clients.

We have a broad base of project experience related to the design of new and rehabilitation of existing dams. Project experience includes:

•  Wide Hollow Dam Rehabilitation and Enlargement
  Blacksmith Upper Dam 
American Fork Lower Reservoir 
  Minersville Rocky Ford Spillway 
Gooseberry Narrows Dam
Uinta River Diversion Dam
Cottonwood Dam
Piute Dam Rehabilitation
Chester Spillway Improvements
Dairy Dam
Otter Creek Dam Rehabilitation
Mona Dam Spillway
Westview, Gunnison-Fayette, and Dover Diversion Dams
Each of our dam safety projects represents a creative solution to challenging issues.