Pacificorp Wetlands Mitigation

FCE is subconsultant to Frontier Corporation to develop a mitigation plan to relocate a portion of the wetlands impacted by the Lake Side Power Plant Phase II Project, and amend the existing U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 404 permit (SPK-2008-00133) for the Phase II power plant construction.

Pacificorp proposes to create approximately five acres of replacement wetlands at an off-site property that PacifiCorp owns along the Provo River south of the power plant site. Frontier is preparing a concept plan for the off-site wetland creation. FCE has been subcontracted to assist with water rights, water resources, and preparation of engineering and grading plans, cross-sections and drawings for the off-site wetlands mitigation property.

The project is comprised of five phases: Phase 1 - Refine concept plans for Option 2 site development and off-site mitigation; Phase 2 - Prepare permit amendment package and 50% plans for off-site mitigation; Phase 3 - Finalize mitigation plans and coordinate USACE and State Permitting Approvals; Phase 4 - Preparation of bid documents and bidding the work; and Phase 5 - Construction observation.