Franson Civil Engineers is a national award-winning firm.

Past performance is the best indicator of how our team will perform. Our experience with innovative solutions, the attention we give to our clients needs, our team building solutions, along with our quality control activities, has assisted our firm in receiving many prestigious awards.

The awards and projects listed below are representative of Franson Civil's past performance providing quality work, on time and within budget. As the old saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding." Because of our expertise, experience, and quality work, we regularly compete, and are successful, against larger national firms. As a small firm, we are extremely proud of our accomplishments.


Helper City Utility Improvements

Awards :: 

• 2018 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Grand Conceptor Award
• 2016 RWAU - Most Improved Wastewater System 



Last Chance Diversion Dam

Awards :: 

• 2017 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Grand Award 



North Summit Pressurized Irrigation System

Awards ::

• 2016 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Merit Award 



Fairview Tunnel Rehabilitation 

Awards ::

• 2013 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Honor Award



Wide Hollow Dam Rehabilitation 

Awards ::

• 2012 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Grand Award



Weber River Diversion Structure 

Awards ::

• 2012 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Honor Award



American Fork Pressurized Irrigation System 

Awards ::

• 2011 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Honor Award



AFPI - Lower Reservoir 

Awards ::

• 2010 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Merit Award



West Side Combined Canals Salinity Project

Awards ::

• 2009 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Grand Award



Piute Dam Rehabilitation 

Awards ::

• 2006 ACEC - Engineering Excellence Honor Award
• 2005 ASDSO - National Rehabilitation Project of the Year