Gila River Investigations - Emery Pipeline Project

FCE investigated water supplies and delivery methods for the terms of the Indian Water Rights Settlement of the Gila River in Gila Valley, Arizona. Preliminary analyses were performed of the water supply data and water quality data for the valley. A summary of problems and needs was prepared with an approach for meeting the objectives of the study. Conceptual delivery methods in both quantity and quality were performed.

Design work included gathering historical water quality data, preparing right-of-way documents for easements, obtaining permits for agency crossings, design of the pipeline alignments, hydraulic modeling to size the pipeline and inlet/outlet structures, compiling cost estimates, and preparing construction drawings and design specifications.

The Emery Pipeline Project was identified to improve water availability in the Gila Valley. Completed work on Phase A consisted of a water delivery system including an inlet structure, 6,000 linear feet of 36-inch HDPE pipe, 8,400 linear feet of 30-inch HDPE pipe, outlet structure, collection system pipes from wells, and measuring equipment. Work has involved project investigations; pipeline drawings, technical specifications, cost estimates, and construction review; and SCADA system design and installation. Phase A completed in 2014.