Antimony Town Water System Improvements

Our firm obtained $640,000 in grants from three different sources and obtained $296,000 in loans to complete improvements of the town's culinary water system.

Project improvements include: construction of a 250,000 gallon water storage tank, construction of a 100,000-gallon water storage tank, replacement of a 4-inch water transmission line with a 15,000 foot long 6-inch water transmission line, rehabilitation of an existing 200,000 gallon water storage tank, installation of an 8-inch parallel distribution pipeline, and rehabilitation of existing spring collection structures.

Franson Civil Engineers also obtained the easements, permits, and licenses necessary for construction. Construction drawings and specifications were prepared for each component of the project. Coordination was maintained with the necessary State agencies during the design and construction process. Once the design was complete, we assisted in construction review for all of the project features in order to insure quality construction and installation.

Award: ACEC-Utah Engineering Excellence Merit Award, 2007