American Fork Pressurized Irrigation System

FCE's work on this multi-million dollar secondary system included master plan preparation, hydraulic modeling, project design, and construction management. FCE successfully developed a partnership with Horrocks Engineers to assist the city in the design and implementation of this pressurized irrigation system.

American Fork City had experienced significant population growth which placed higher demands on the city's culinary system. In order to meet the increased demand, the city decided to construct a pressurized irrigation system to reduce the amount of culinary water being used for irrigation purposes. Design and installation was on an accelerated three-year schedule. Work included two reservoirs and a distribution system that services each home, business, and irrigation user within the city limits. In addition, the system was sized to meet buildout demands of the city. The total project included more than 110 miles of pipeline. FCE's portion of the project involved the design and supervised installation of over 56 miles of pipeline and a 27 acre-foot reservoir.

Award: ACEC-Utah Engineering Excellence Honor Award, 2011