American Fork Lower Reservoir


FCE successfully developed a partnership with Horrocks Engineers to assist the city to implement this secondary water system. Design and installation was on an accelerated three-year schedule. FCE's portion of the project involved the design and supervised installation of over 56 miles of pipeline and a 27 acre-foot reservoir.

Phase 2. Lower Reservoir Design. One major element of the project included the design and construction of the lower reservoir. It is the larger of the two planned reservoirs for the overall project and it holds approximately 27 acre-feet. The design consisted of site selection, permit acquisition, agency coordination, embankment design, reservoir feature design and placement, preparation of design drawings and specifications, and preparation for bid and award.

FCE provided services that covered both the engineering and social aspects of the project. This incorporated the design of all features of the reservoir which included the embankment, inlet and outlet pipes, an underground PRV vault, SCADA system, upstream and downstream slope protection, an automated guard gate, a spillway, concrete floor and other related concrete structures. FCE also handled coordination efforts with utilities companies, UDOT, Utah's Dam Safety office, the American Fork Riding Club, Highland City, along with American Fork City. Construction review services were also provided by FCE to ensure quality work.